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PRISON LIFE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS by Bvt. LT-COL. John J. Craven, M.D. [1866] was added to the Charge page.

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THE CASE OF THE SOUTH AGAINST THE NORTH by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GRADY [1899] and THE SOUTH'S BURDEN; or The Curse of Sectionalism in the UNITED STATES by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GRADY [1906] were added to the Charge page.

The Real Reason the South Seceded

TED Talk: Elements of Good Flag Design.

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"Cotton Is King;" "Political Economy;" "The Pro-Slavery Argument;" "My Imprisonment and the First Year of Abolition Rule at Washington" were added to the books section of the SCV Charge Page. John Tyler and Abraham Lincoln, who was the dwarf? A reply to a challenge by Lyon Gardiner Tyler [1925] was also added to the Charge page.

Sons of Confederate Veterans say they’re preserving history.

Posted by John Weir

By Sarah Gish

On a warm day in August, a couple dozen people gathered for an afternoon picnic at Shawnee Mission Park.

Under the shade of a shelter surrounded by leafy green trees, two men cooked burgers and brats on a charcoal grill next to a row of tables topped with red plastic tablecloths and a summery spread of sliced watermelon, barbecue-flavored potato chips and sopapilla cheesecake. The weather would have been perfect if not for occasional gusts of wind that whipped through the grove and threatened to topple the three flags fixed to portable poles next to the dessert table: an American flag, a Kansas flag and a Confederate battle flag.

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Donald Gilmore's "The Kansas Red Legs: the Dark Underbelly of the Civil War in Missouri" has been added to the articles on the SCV Charge page.

Vexillophobia Outbreak in Missouri

Post by John Weir


The Confederate flag controversy has swept across the nation and a Park Hill South student is suspended after he and his friends flew the southern flag to school Thursday.

The student's suspension brings up a gray area of freedom of speech rights on school property. The school says their policy is black and white and all students who sign a contract have to follow by the rules when parking in the school's lot.

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Hundreds Rally to Support Confederate Flag at Stone Mountain Memorial

Posted by John Weir

On Saturday, hundreds upon hundreds of people from Georgia arrived at Stone Mountain, the nation’s largest Confederate memorial, to show their support for the Confederate flag.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported that some of the attendees were armed: they tweeted a photo of one attendee openly carrying an AR-15 style rifle as he walked around.

One of the rally organizers was a black man from Cartersville named Thomas Jewell.

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Posted by John Weir

Hey Y’all,

As the scourge of cultural cleansing is racing across the United States, driven by cowardly and short-sighted politicians, a simple people’s protest has begun and is spreading across the South in a beautiful and peaceful way. The Confederate Battle Flag, a symbol of independence and courage, is flying all over the Southland more than ever.

Let’s make Saturday, August 1st, “FLY YOUR REBEL FLAG DAY”. We’ll be having a rally at Cooter’s in the Country in Sperryville, but y’all can have rallies just about anywhere you can find a friendly parking lot!

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